Friday 30th of June at 6pm : Conference
“The Ottoman Empire at its peak and the question of Turkey today” by Alain de Savigny
This cultural and geopolitical presentation of the Ottoman Empire will be an introduction for the conference taking place the next day, about “Bonneval Pacha”, on Saturday 1st of July at Château de Bonneval.
This conference is free and open to the public and will take place at the Centre Jean Fabrègue in Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche.

Saturday 1st of July at 7pm : Conference
“The Earl of Bonneval / General Achmet Pacha” by Alain de Savigny
Mr de Savigny is a historian and the author of several historical novels set in the Ottoman Empire. His last book “Les Favorites du Renégat” honors our famous ancestor Claude Alexandre de Bonneval, known as “Bonneval Pacha”. A privileged occasion to discover or enhance the story of this fascinating character !
A refreshment will be offered at the end along with the signing of his last book.
Participation : 7€ (limited places)
Reservation : or 06 29 19 49 06

Saturday 8th of July at 7pm : Conference
“The influence of the Marquise of Pompadour on the Vincennes Factory, 1751/1764” by Antoine d’Albis
Mr d’Albis is an art historian and was the head chemist at the Sèvres Factory for 40 years.
This conference is being held as part of the “Constellation Porcelaines” exhibition.
Participation : 7€ (limited places)
Reservation : or 06 29 19 49 06

Sunday 16th of July at 6:30pm : Conference
“The life of a diplomat beyond the clichés” by Her Excellency Mme Michèle Sauteraud, former French Ambassador
Mme Sauteraud will lead us through diplomatic life from another perspective, “behind its gold and splendors”.
A refreshment will be offered at the end.
Participation : 7€ (limited places)
Reservation : or 06 29 19 49 06

Saturday 9th of September at 7pm : Conference
“The art of the table in the XVIII th century” by Jean-Yves Patte, art historian
This conference will take place as part of “Constellation Porcelaines”, where elegance and sophistication will be honored.
The table in the dining room will be laid with the finest and most beautiful porcelain belonging to private collections of this exhibition !
A unique occasion !
Participation : 7€ (limited places)
Reservation : or 06 29 19 49 06

Piano Concert 2017

We are delighted to announce the third edition of the Saint Yrieix La Perche Music Festival in the courtyard of the Château de Bonneval on Saturday July 15th, 2017 at 9 pm. The Russsian pianist Alexander Ghindin has been unanimously acclaimed by critics and music lovers as one of the most talented and original pianists of present day, a perfect combination of artist and musicien. A moment not to be missed! He will be interpreting works of Bach, Schubert-Listz, Chopin and Rachmaninov.
Bookings on the Saint Yrieix Tourism Office or Festival Musical de St. Yrieix.

Summer 2017 Porcelain Exhibition

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, “Les Ardents Editeurs”, a French publishing house based in Limoges, invites you to “Constellation Porcelaines”.
“Constellation Porcelaines” will be a major cultural event taking place in four different locations : Musée du Four des Casseaux in Limoges, Chateau de la Bregère and Maison du Patrimoine in Ville de Saint-Yrieix and Château de Bonneval in Coussac-Bonneval paying tribute to one of the world’s most famous porcelain, the Limoges porcelain.
Jean-Marc Ferrer, an art historien, is the curator of this amazing exhibition and the editorial manager of “Les Ardents Editeurs”. A cycle of conferences dedicated to the art and science of porcelain throughout history will be offered, perpetuating the beauty and reputation of this ancient French tradition. From June 20th to September 17th,2017 for Château de Bonneval, check the other locations for opening dates.

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Vendetta Couture will once again be presenting the most elegant and creative medieval dresses and gowns in the castle’s interiors during the entire 2017 season. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy Sian Vendette’s amazing talent in this magical setting that is Chateau de Bonneval. 


An Art&Antiques Exhibition will take place in the castle’s inner courtyard on Saturday May 27 and Sunday May 28, from 2pm to 6pm. Free entry for this exhibition as well as for the castle’s parc during this weekend. Guided tours of the castle will also be available, please check our “VISIT&PRICING” section for details.

Summer 2017 – children’s workshop at the Chateau de Bonneval

During the summer Wednesdays are “kids time” at the Chateau de Bonneval (July / August; always at 4pm – ages 4 to 12).  They will have the choice to dress up as knights, princesses, fairies, kings…. or even come with their own costumes if they want to. After the guided tour adapted for them, they will be able to create their very own shields, crowns, magic wands …. to take home with them! A snack will be offered at the end as well. Great family fun time! English spoken / Bookings on or by phone on 05 55 08 45 81(July/ August).

Five workshops in 2017: on Wednesday July 19 and 26 and on August 2; 9 and 16.

8€ per child + 1 accompanying parent free.(5€ for an additional adult).

La Bière du Château de Bonneval


We are delighted to announce the arrival of our  Special Amber Ale, specially brewed for the Chateau de Bonneval by the renowned artisan brewery of Limoges, Brasserie Michard.

If you would like to discover the rich and full-bodied flavours of the Limousin hidden in the refreshing taste of our Bonneval Ambre Ale, please contact us on You may buy this nice 50 cl Amber Ale for 3€50.

You may also choose to try it at the Hotel des Voyageurs in Coussac-Bonneval, right next to the our castle as well as at the La Bonne Cave Restaurant in Saint Yrieix la Perche

* We encourage responsible comsumption

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