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Marquis et Marquise de Bonneval

Monsieur Le Marquis and Madame La Marquise welcome you to their home, Chateau de Bonneval!
Geraud de Bonneval and his wife, Marta, take great pleasure in inviting you to enter into, and experience the exciting and colourful 1000 year history of the Bonnevals, one of France’s most noble families.
“Richesse DesCars, Noblesse Bonneval” Traditional Limousin Proverb

The current Marquis inherited the title and estates from his late father in 1997. It is an interesting coincidence that the mediaeval knight who established the first millennium of the Bonneval family dynasty was called “Gerault” and the Marquis who is leading the family into its second millennium is similarly called “Geraud”! Prior to his return to Chateau de Bonneval; he, Marta and their two children lived in Brazil.  Both the current and the Dowager Marquise are Brazilian and examples of their Latin – American influence on the otherwise traditionally European domestic arrangements, can be seen, liberally distributed throughout the Chateau.

One chateau, one family, one thousand years of history

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